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  • Q: Where can I purchase tickets?
    A: Online at, at the gate or at the box office
  • Q: How long do shows typically last?
    A: 2 to 2 1/2 hours long.
  • Q: Which Monster Trucks will be in the line-up?
    A: Detailed info like this can be found on the Upcoming Event Page.
  • Q: Is there merchandise available?
    A: Currently, Mechandise is only avavalible at live events.
  • Q: I want to participate in this event. Who should I contact?
    A: All events that allow participation will have a link for sign up on the Event Page that you are interested in.
  • Q: Can we bring outside food and drink into the event?
    A: There is no outside food or drink allowed (Excluding Babay Formula).
  • Q: Can I ride ina real Monster Truck?
    A: For all fans, monster truck rides are avaliable durring the piit party, event intermission and after the event, for a fee of $20.00 per person, per ride.
  • Q: How much are tickets?
    A: Prices vary with the package, age and seat location, advance ticket prices are located on the event page.
  • Q Will the weather affect the event?
    A: In most cases, rain does not pose a problem at our events, dress accordingly.
  • How do we get a FREE kids ticket??
    Free kids ticket promotion consists of One (1) free kid ticket with each purchase of an Adult ticket. Valid only online with advance purchase for children 8 years of age or younger!! NOT Valid day of show with purchases at the gate.
  • how do i get a refund?
    all sales are 100% final!!!! We will do our best to accommodate your change of plans by switching tickets to a new date or show time, but there are absolutely NO REFUNDS unless the event is 100% cancelled!!!
  • Can I see the Monster Trucks up close?
    YES!!!! Come to our FREE pit party (starts when doors open, 1.5 hours before show time) to meet the drivers and see the Monsters up close and personal
  • how much is parking?
    Parking costs may vary from one venue to another. In most cases you can pre purchase parking through out ticketing page at a discounted rate
  • why do the ticket prices change?
    We offer various promotions leading up to the event date! Just like at your local grocery store we sometimes offer items at a discounted rate for a short period of time. It is often cheapest the further in advance you purchase your tickets as we use a tiered ticketing system. Also, many of our promotions are available Online only and NOT available at the gate.
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